HK HT HG Stainless Steel Mouldings

Do you have damaged or missing body moulds? Chances are we have what your looking for.

Send us an email or give us a call and make sure to mention the model and body type or even send us a photo.

Reco service of mouldings available, send us your dented scratched mould and have it expertly restored.

If you have extra moulds why not turn them into cash or credit, you may have the one missing that someone is searching for.

Scroll down for photos.

Wheel arch moulds

NOS - Genuine Polished and Repaired!! - Genuine 2nd handies to suit - Monaro, Brougham, Premier, Kingswood.

Roof Moulds

Two tone roof divider moulds - HT & HG Premier & Sedan 4 sets, HK 1 set very limited!!

Vinyl Roof Island moulds - Brougham complete sets and sold individualy

Vinyl Roof moulds -Monaro - very limited

Boot Strips

To suit Monaro, Brougham, Premier, Kingswood in all models

Body Moulds

To Suit Monaro, Brougham, Premier - Sedan & Wagon, Kingswood - Sedan, Wagon & Ute.

General descriptions: Different states use different terminology for example : Right side, Near side & Drivers side then Left side, Far side, & Passenger side.

To keep it simple we will describe the mouldings as follows.

RF - Right Front, LF - Left Front

RR - Right Rear, LR - Right Rear

Heres an example of HT & HG Brougham body moulds and their descriptions

HT RF Valance mould
Brougham LF Valance mould
RF Valance extention mould
LF Valance extention mould
RHF wheel arch mould
RHR wheel arch mould
LHF wheel arch mould
LHR wheel arch mould
RHF Guard to indicator mould
LHF Guard to indicator mould
RHR Guard wheel arch to door
LHR Guard wheel arch to door
RHF Door mould
LHF Door mould
RHR Door mould
LHR Door mould
RHR Dog leg
LHR Dog leg
RHR 1/4 mould
LHR 1/4 mould

HG RF Valance mould
Brougham LF Valance mould
RF wheel arch mould
RR wheel arch mould
LF wheel arch mould
LR wheel arch mould
RF Guard to indicator mould
LF Guard to indicator mould
RR Guard wheel arch to door
LR Guard wheel arch to door
R Sill mould
L Sill mould
RR 1/4 mould
LR 1/4 mould

Genuine original moulds

NOS Moulds

Restored Moulds

Bellarine Classic Auto restorations


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